Bank accounts

You will need a bank, Building Society or Credit Union account that can accept automated payments to receive your monthly UC payment.

You can set up a free basic bank account that doesn’t require a credit check.

To open one you will need to make an appointment with a bank and provide relevant ID. Remember you only need a basic account, you do not need to pay a fee!

Download a list of suitable forms of identification here.

Here are some bank accounts from high street banks that do not charge a fee and will be suitable for receiving automated payments.

Barclays Barclays Basic Current Account
Santander Basic Current Account
NatWest Foundation Account
Ulster Bank Foundation Account
Royal Bank of Scotland (Scotland) Foundation Account
RBS England and Wales Basic Account
HSBC Basic Bank Account
Nationwide FlexBasic
Co-operative Bank Cashminder
Lloyds/ Halifax/ Bank of Scotland Basic Account
TSB Cash Account
Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks Readycash Account

Once the account is open, you’ll be given account details which you’ll need to make your Universal Credit claim and have payments paid in monthly. You will be able set to up payments for household bills and direct debits such as rent. You may also receive a debit card.

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